About Baicheng Normal University


Baicheng Normal University is located in Baicheng city which lies in the intersection area of Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province and Inner Mongolia, it is commonly known as the “City of Cranes”. Baicheng Normal University is the only one provincial undergraduate university in the west of Jilin Province. It grew out Baicheng Normal Junior College established in 1958. for the sake of a rational allocation of education resources, and reinforcement of functions for serving regional economy, in August of 2000, Baicheng Forestry School, affiliated to State Forestry Administration, was merged into Baicheng Normal College. And in March, 2002, Baicheng Normal College was ratified by Ministry of Education and got a promotion of Baicheng Normal University. There were some joint training of post-graduate master’s  degrees with Northeast Normal University in 2007. And in 2008 it passed the evaluation of Ministry of Education for undergraduate education level with honors.


Baicheng Normal University takes up an area of 725,800 square meters, with 3,38,800 square meters for school buildings. The total value of assets reaches to 611 million RMB. There are 20 teaching units, with 899 staff and 11,694 full-time students.  


It has 46 undergraduate programs, which cover up science of law, pedagogy, literature, history, natural science, engineering, agriculture, management, and art. It has 2 state-level characteristic specialties, 6 provincial-level characteristic specialties, 2 provincial-level brand specialties, 3 provincial-level college excellence engineer training experimental specialties, 3 provincial-level key disciplines. And it has 2 off-campus practical education bases of state level for students, 3 off-campus practical education bases of provincial level for students, 3 experimental demonstration centers of provincial level, 2 experimental demonstration central construction units of provincial level, 3 innovation experimental areas for personnel training mode of provincial level. It has 12 provincial-level distinguished courses, 45 provincial-level excellent courses, 8 provincial-level excellent teaching teams, 1 provincial-level scientific research innovation training team, 12 provincial-level teaching achievement awards, 12 provincial-level educational technology awards.


Baicheng Normal University has established 10 provincial-level research programs including key laboratory of inorganic chemistry, engineering and technical center of Baicheng alkali soil management, research center of Tongyu spring festival pictures and so on , established 5 university-level research programs involved teacher education research, entrepreneur education and culture research, grassland culture research, research in humanities, social science and basic theories, economic and social development and application in western Jilin, it includes 14 research centers and 18 research laboratory. In recent three years, it has assumed 191 research projects above provincial level including 3 projects of the national natural science foundation of China, 1 project of the national philosophy and social science foundation of China. It has awarded for 18 scientific research achievement above  provincial level. Teachers has published 1,454 academic papers in which there were 62 papers embodied by SCI, EI, CSSCI, CSCI, and 132 important journal papers. They published 14 works, and obtained 16 national patents.


There are 2 staff who were awarded by special government allowances of the state council, 2 Changbaishan skilled teachers, 4 young and middle-aged professional and technical personnel who have outstanding achievement in Jilin province, 2 top-notch talents with innovative ideas in Jilin province, 4 university excellent talents of the 21st century in Jilin province. Baicheng Normal University has 1 senior expert of Jilin province, 1 professor of Jilin province, 1 young and middle-aged excellent teachers of Jilin province, 6 distinguished teachers of Jilin province, 4 good teachers of Jilin province, and 3 model workers of Jilin province, 1 person who granted Jilin province ‘’May 1st ”labor medal, 2 Jilin Teachers’ Ethics Models.


It has developed Sino-foreign collaboration in Russia, the United States, Korea, Malaysia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and other countries including Sino-foreign educational cooperation programs with universities of Russia, Korea and teacher training programs with universities of the United States, Canada, Japan.


Since the 12th Five-Year Plan, every business of Baicheng Normal University has developed rapidly, it has received many honorary titles including National May1st Labor Certificate, Jilin Province Civilized Unit, National Civilized Unit, Demonstration School Ruled by Law in Jilin Province, Jilin Language and Literature Standardization Demonstration School.


Rooted in western Jilin for nearly 60 years, Baicheng Normal University cultivate over 70,000 practice-oriented advanced talents for fundamental education and regional economic and social development. Such as Liu Xinhua, the man who received the national May 1 labor medal and the title of national young and middle-aged expert who has outstanding achievements; Zhao Mingsheng, the man who was awarded by special government allowances of the state council and acts as national experts in science and technology awards; Nan xinyuan who was awarded as the national outstanding teacher; Chen Yajun, the man who was awarded as the top ten people moving Jilin and pioneer of Jilin province; Zhang Wei, the man who was awarded as the excellent president of Jilin province, these people are all the representative of outstanding graduates of Baicheng Normal University.


With the construction and development for several years, Baicheng Normal University has becoming the cradle of teachers in western Jilin, and the base of talents cultivation for economic and social development. The university will deepen the reform of education and teaching, and accelerate the process of transformation and development by adhering to the motto of“profound virtues, clearly distinguished, broadly learned, persevering practices”and educational concept of ”love, responsibility, honor”and school mission of ”developmental education”, all staff members are together to build it as a high level application-oriented comprehensive university associated with regional economic and social development closely .